Ben Eine.

This week, well another honour.. this guy’s throw up was in my manor of Kilburn and Edgeware Rd ever since I could read graffiti, and that was from young.. And when I started writing in 95 the, from what I thought was an SM throw up was amazing, unique, one-line greatness executed the same every time I studied it.. Knowing it had been in my vision since the 80’s, but you don’t really study then, its later on when you yourself paint, I knew to look at these tags / throws and really see the excellence and mastery of a tool and form of hieroglyph. It was that and Up’s throw ups that I really loved as a kid.. and did so for many years.. It was only in the mid two thousand I found out the SM throw up was Eine! It wasn’t an S with a M on top, it was Eine’s… I first met him outside Petros Paint Store in Brighton in 2000-2001 he put up a sticker with EINE in block letters repeated at 45 degrees, black on pink. I knew of him as a train painter, killer full colour wholecars.. I was obviously chuffed to meet him, but I wonder how much I would have geeked out had I known he was the throw up also.

Watching what Eine did in the following years was crazy.. I think we all thought that. His transition into Art, street art wasn’t even a term then, doing things that we hadn’t seen done before, a name associated and placed in rooms and galleries that London writers hadn’t reached yet.. We get to hear about all of that, Ben brings us back to London in the 80’s and tells us about his early years and meeting like-minded others.. We talk about traveling, clubbing, train parties, painting and the beginning of his road into alphabet paintings on shutters, meeting Banksy and starting Pictures on Walls and everything that came after it, from learning to print on the job to having a painting given to President Obama..

Another great chat.. what a lucky guy I am… I visited Ben at his studio in South London and we talked whilst he painted a canvas.. it was dope.. I recorded it for you as always..

Go check him out at @einesigns on Instagram whilst you listen.. Enjoy.

Photos sourced online. The portrait photo in front of the RIOT wall was taken by THE INFAMOUS BIRDMAN. 

Instagram: @einesigns

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