I hope you are all bearing up well, worldwide.. what a time hey. If there was a time we needed reminding we are one being on this planet, this is it.. Corona has hit us in a massive way, that’s an understatement I know.. but let’s keep safe.. Be Productive, don’t just stare at phones, I say it all the time, Art saves lives.. this is its time to save you. Make, make and make some more.. I tell you what though, on a positive note, Mother Nature is taking some much needed deep breaths as our emissions have dropped from lack of flights and industry worldwide, we needed to do that for her, I know it’ll all come back ten-fold, but this must be a lovely breather that people and big business see and make a change towards.

This week a special treat, a borderless podcast, as free moving as Covid 19, an interview over skype with Druid from the Million Dollar Boys in Holland. I love this guy’s style, so so so fresh and correct. He’s been a style bender for a couple decades now and represents the Dutch aesthetic through his amazing pieces. We do the usual, get the origin story, the reasons why he started painting and his thoughts and processes on the culture.

I loved this chat, and as usual we don’t get his whole story, but we get a great part, check him out @druid81 on Instagram whilst you listen, enjoy this is F24.

Instagram: @druid81