Elph {Edinburgh}.

Hello and welcome back to the. F24 podcast.. my name is David and in what were normal times, I invited creatives over to my studio in north Acton to have a conversation about their lives and interactions with London, culture and creativity.

Currently though, we are on a world-wide lockdown, worldwide, an expectation for every human on the planet.. nuts!

So, I’m home, on my narrow boat luckily with a garden, just outside London. Painting in my makeshift studio that I’ve made under a tree where we keep our wood pile, wondering what the fuck happened and when will it be over whilst listening to podcasts and music, painting, walking the dogs and chilling with my partner. I can’t deny I miss my studio loads and am worried about my business, but these things are out of my hands for now so for now it’s the mantra, this too shall pass…

Given this time along with the rest of the world I’ve decided to push this podcast worldwide, everyone’s home so catch em now and have that conversation.. this week, not too far away, Elph from Edinburgh. I’ve been wanting to get Elph on for a while now and I was even up there last summer but I was with the family, a beautiful little town on the east coast of fife, it was hard to get away.. so, no better time than now.

Elph’s been at it since the mid-nineties and right from the start of seeing his pieces it was obvious he was a style master, constantly pushing his letter form and character style, his colour palette and shapes, he’s always stood out. It was dope getting some time with him on skype the other day, getting some of the back story, the how too and hearing about some hidden gems of advice he had been given on route.. got check him out @elphone on Instagram whist you listen..  This is some of Elph’s, story. Enjoy, this is F24.

Website: akaelph.com/
Instagram: @elphone

Elph {Edinburgh} Elph {Edinburgh} Elph {Edinburgh} Elph {Edinburgh} Elph {Edinburgh}