Ivano Dumbo, King of Milan.

Hello and welcome back to the f24 podcast I hope you are all well, my name is David and each week I have a creative come over to my studio in North Acton to talk about their lives and interactions with London, Culture and Creativity.

I say London, but really as I’m sure listeners of the podcast know already, its doesn’t all have to be about London. I love my city, but I’m sure I’d love any city I may have grown up in.

What I mean by stating London is to state Home and this week’s guests home was Milan, Italy.

Ivano and his wife Kyre are curators, designers, artists, photographers and are married with two kids and have had some amazing adventures and continue too. My connection here, well some of you may be intrested to know, Ivano was also known as Dumbo, Milans graffiti King for over a decade.
I love journeys, I’m sure a lot of you lot do also, listening to this.. Ivano’s journey, dam.. I love this. Ivano story starts in the estates of Milan and and brings you through a crazy array of adventures in graffiti and the culture as it looks in Italy and what Ivano faced and did leading up to meeting Kyra and the adventures have had and continue to have. So great to have Ivano and Kara round to hear this amazing story, we had friends Kash, Lisa and my son in the studio on this one, nice vibe, so good.. This is Ivano’s Milano, Culture and Creativity story. Enjoy!

Instagram: @pretziada

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