Joe Holbrook.

This week’s chat is with Joe Holbrook a guy I’ve known for pretty much 15 years and I love it when I have a perception about someone, even after knowing them that long and finding out my perception means nada in their life, it wasn’t his reality. I presumed Joe was classically trained, I presumed he got to this stage of his art career through conventional ways. His paintings, his subjects, his intrigue in different artistic mediums, his concepts. but no, we need to watch our perceptions. I was wrong, this was great having Joe round to the studio and filling us in on his journey. Brie the Beagle was owning the studio that evening  and you’ll hear her as she drinks her water and getting told off and also with us was Josh, my son sat in on this one which was dope. cause well he’s my son and was about 4 when he met Joe, so he was genuinely intrigued to hear his story. We have a great chat about Joe’s Kent roots, his introduction to Art by some sharp young teachers and the journey he’s been on since then with a little side road that offered itself to him but BTP put a stop to that road and to be honest, thankfully! Another dope conversation, You’re all lucky I’m so nosey! Enjoy!

Joe Holbrook Joe Holbrook Joe Holbrook Joe Holbrook Joe Holbrook