Jonzi D.

This week.. a London OG, a London Legend, A Londoners Londoner, Jonzi D…

It was so so good seeing Jonzi again, we hung for a straight month in summer some 14 years ago, we chatted in different instances over the years but having him come around, take a seat on the sofa and have a chat.. man.. I’ve been wanting to have this since the autumn after the hung out and especially now doing this podcast and have a bit more age behind me ..

For those of you that don’t know, Jonzi D and the Hip Hop Culture in the UK go hand in hand. He’s was there at the start, experienced it all, met and became friends with the greatest and got inspired to start a new branch for the culture with his hip hop theatre and also his years of putting on the Breakin Convention.

Culture runs through his veins and he spreads the love throughout the whole world.

Another amazing conversation, love this.. Enjoy!

Instagram: @jonzid

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