Kid Acne / Edna.

First of the F24 Podcast for the 2020’s and the first in the new studio, Kid Acne… He came and visited whist on a trip from Sheffield his home town to the city, I was amped, it was gonna be a dope Monday afternoon.
Ive seen his work since I started painting and was always impressed by his unique style, really different to what I was seeing in London and in magazines, it always stood out..
We’ve crossed paths over the years at various shows, jams etc.. Kid Acne or Edna has been
Been in this culture for 3 decades now and has been dropping this unique style for nearly 25 years of that, that’s an incredible amount of work and it was a pleasure him coming round to tell us about it.. It as always isn’t their full story but this is great in-site to Kid Acnes, Sheffield, Culture and Creativity story. Enjoy this is F24.

Instagram: @kidacne

Kid Acne / Edna Kid Acne / Edna Kid Acne / Edna Kid Acne / Edna Kid Acne / Edna