Mr Cenz.

This week, well last week Julien Cenz came over for a visit.. Basically, a day trip as he’s from. South East London and that is a mission away! Anyway, real great he visited, you’ve seen his work, amazing futuristic paintings, dominated by beautiful renditions of various women on technical and fast-moving backgrounds. We had a dope chat, going right back to the mid-eighties and early bus boming on se busses, knowing he wanted to be an artist, what was needed to achieve that and how he did it.. A dope insight on how an artist works.

We chat about his influences, his drive and what he has planned for the future.. We don’t get the whole story obviously, but this is a good chunk of Mr Cenz’s interactions with London culture and creativity.. check his Instagram @mrcenzone while you listen.. enjoy. 

Instagram: @mrcenz

Mr Cenz Mr Cenz Mr Cenz Mr Cenz Mr Cenz