Rask & Moves – Irish Kings.

I’ve been away working on an amazing project in Dublin, my second building for the Iconic Offices company over there and with help from my good friend Omin, my Irish OG, I built a great team to work with me on the artwork I designed and also work alongside a wide array of dope Irish artists to produce their own work also throughout the refurbished building.
I had a great time, dope team and beautiful city.. I loved it, my mums from there also, so some roots were felt.
Whilst I was there, I recorded this, I wanted to record more but we were putting in 16hr days but I did get this, a chat with two legends, one from just outside Dublin, Rask and one from Belfast, Moves.
This was dope, it came together as King Rask knew I was in town working and hollered about painting on the one day I had off so I ended up doing a wall in town with Moves who painted the word Toar, he dropped me a couple colours and we schemed pieces and backgrounded the wall. We had some amazing convo whilst painting and when we were done we went back to my airnbnb and recorded a very interesting conversation about their come ups in the graffiti culture, its effect on what was going on in Ireland and Northern Ireland in everyday life, religion and society and how being part of this culture forged relationships larger than their surroundings.
A real privilege getting this time with these Kings of the culture.. I loved it.. Enjoy.

Instagram: @rasktdaklann
Twitter: @movsvoms

Rask & Moves – Irish Kings Rask & Moves – Irish Kings Rask & Moves – Irish Kings Rask & Moves – Irish Kings Rask & Moves – Irish Kings