Skore GSD.

I hope your all well and enjoyed the Candie Bandita episode.. I loved it.. This week we’ve got Skore GSD TRC.. A UK OG, he’s pretty much been there from the beginning of the graffiti culture in the UK but not coming out of London, but Paddock Wood in Kent he’s had an intense and interesting relationship with the culture.
We go through all the decades graffiti has been in the UK as Skore has been at this since 84, with no breaks. Graffiti is his life, it’s him, literally. He obviously did the work and house, real life stuff on route and we’ll hear about and how he juggled it, but the thing I find most fascinating and this is the same with other writers from the first generation, is that they still paint and it still means as much to them with the bonus’s that build up of added value by being part of a culture for many years, the relaxing nature of the action, the feeling of contentment in a world that makes us think otherwise, the therapy of art and culture, the aiding of everyday life.. Skore is a graffiti don, he’s done it all and witnessed a hell of a lot more. Amazing to have him round, got check him out on @skoretrc where you will find so so much goodness, check it while you listen… Enjoy!

Twitter: @skoretrc

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