Alex May Hughes.

Hello and welcome back to the f24 podcast, my name is David and as often as possible I have a creative come visit me at my studio in north acton to have a chat about their lives and interactions with London culture and creativity..
Works on-top at the minute, which is a great thing. Came back from Dublin and ran straight into another project so getting time with people has been hard.. this juggling thing hey.. we face it all in different ways.. want time to paint a piece also! but, nothing to complain about..

This week I had Alex MayHughes over. You may have seen her work over the last 5 years, amazing letters on glass using a wide variety of mediums to create these amazing opulent bold yet graceful pieces to an astonishingly high level.. I love them. You may have also seen her Simpson gold leaf character paintings on glass, amazing iconic scenes gilded gold!
I met Alex years ago but never really had the chance to have a proper chat and no better time really, she’s killing it, working hard and making beautiful artwork.
We have a really nice conversation about her journey so far and had a few laughs along the way.. I really enjoyed it..
Go check her out on Instagram whist you listen –@ alexmayhughes .. enjoy.. this is f24

Instagram: @alexmayhughes

Alex May Hughes Alex May Hughes Alex May Hughes Alex May Hughes Alex May Hughes