Askew TMD {New Zealand}.

So, I had my break from the podcast, 2021 started and I felt it was time to get back to the conversations.. I love it, missed it and now my head is in the right place.. I’ve had three chats so far and the first to drop is Askew, from the TMD crew hailing from Auckland New Zealand, the dudes been around the world and back, a couple times for his love for graffiti and our culture. I met him back 2006 when he was on his second European Tour and passed by Brighton where my shop was to paint at the Sleeping Giants Graf jam. We were in awe, he came along with German King Can2 and the Montana Team and met MSK’s Revok and Rime where they nurtured their lifelong friendship. Askew has been pushing style for years now, especially the last decade and to have a couple hours with him explaining his how he found the culture, what pushed and helped him assert himself to make NZ a country worth high regard for Graffiti and how it gave him the confidence to keep it going and become the artist he is today.. a real amazing convo go check in insta whist you listen @askewone this is some of Askew’s, Auckland, culture and creativity story.. this is F24..

Instagram: @askewone