Bill Daggs.

This weeks interview is with artist Bill Daggs. Bill has just finished his BA in fine art and had his first  show since graduation, I went.. It was dope and you’ll hear us talk about that.

Really great having him coming over as we have been in the same circles for 20 odd years from Kilburn, graffiti and hip hop but never really got to meet properly. He went under the name Pryme / PrymeSource with the Def Defiers and Underground Alliance. I’m sure he rapped at the shop with Undali I know for sure Doobie ‘ Lucid Mover’ introduced me to his music and with his ear I knew I’d be onto a good thing, that was years ago, Bill cracked on and went in, we have a great conversation about his influences in music, living in London and honest chats about thraphy and growing and his art.. The music in the background, its his.. check his Soundcloud and his art @billdaggs on Instagram.


Instagram: @billdaggs

Bill Daggs Bill Daggs Bill Daggs Bill Daggs Bill Daggs