Ed Skrein.

Back again and its the 50th recording!  The achievements this guy has hit in his life are one of rare occurrence. I’ve known him for nearly 20yrs.. He’s been a creative force since I met him and he also mentioned my son in a couple tracks he was on when he rapped which made him invincible to me, another Norf Londoner, Actor Ed Skrien.

Ed and I, we chat every so often on the phone, real great in-depth conversations that I truly look forward to and thoroughly enjoy so getting these 2 hours face to face was amazing with my brother was great. It’s been a minute. We get into loads of his history in London and specifically the influence of Camden, his unorthodox introduction to Hip Hop and how that passion grew through school years and his choices over the rest of his education. We chat about the great impact growing up in a multicultural city is like, meeting like-minded people and how Ed put his hand to many creative projects but always stayed himself. I have some great memories of the times him and the crew spent at the shop in Brighton.

He’s achieved great things for him and his family and also for the culture has from, it’s been amazing watching his come up, his music, energy on the mic and now acting in major roles around the world.. Big up Ed this is some of his story // enjoy this is F24. — Listen right to the end for a surprise throwback to 2006!

Instagram: @edskrien

Ed Skrein