Farma G / Taskforce.

This week, I can say I have one of my closet friends at the Studio. To me and many, he’s an inspiration, a cultural icon, a style king and also a great dad. It’s been a minute since we had our last weekly coffee on upper St. in Angel and actually our last one was in Kentish Town on the strip and it was times like those that really built our relationship it took our conversation to another level and we bonded with our similarities, estate life, young dads and the finding of culture and it’s growth into a creative life.

As the years have passed and life cracks on and asks more of your day we don’t grab as many coffees as we used too but we’ve always been in contact in some way even though he doesn’t have a phone!

This is one half of the legendary TaskForce, the Highbury Estate veteran and to me an oracle of life in the North East of our city, Farma G!.

He has experienced loads, put himself through a bag load of actions and activities and this was all before he finished school. It was so dope having him round, we chat about loads of things whilst we catch the story of his come up, from copping 7inch records in the local newsagent, to his various hustles on Upper St and also him and his peers concerted effort to get on a mic by any means necessary and let heads know.. We go from life in the manor, his interest in music and introduction to graffiti, to meeting Intense in his first year at secondary and setting up The Bury Crew. We chat about the meeting of Mark B and Taskforces first EP and then the Lowlife years all the way through to his new projects with a load of his thoughts and processes in-between.

Another dope point to make about this interview there was another legend from the city and a friend of mine in the studio, TEACH DDS happened to be visiting, stayed for the chat and added a couple of amazing points and reminders for Farma which added to the convo, big up King Teach.

Farma is a brother from another manor, a guide from the other side and a friend to very end.. we have an amazing conversation, two friends talking, and we go deep, Big up Farms… PS the dog you hear barking isn’t Brie, it’s a spaniel down the hall, he was fine.. Enjoy..

Farma G / Taskforce Farma G / Taskforce Farma G / Taskforce Farma G / Taskforce Farma G / Taskforce