Fliptrix / High Focus.

This week we’ve got the culture fuelled, creatively striving, spiritual hunting, hustler minded, dope lyricist label owner, Fliptrix. Watching this guy. He used to come down to the shop in Brighton and cop some records and paint every now and then, I also snapped him on polaroid for my collection of friends and visitors to the shop. What he’s done since then, loving and respecting a culture, working hard at his game, taking advice and great advice at that from Kings in the UK Hip Hop world like Jehst and proving he can hold his own on stage, corner and meeting rooms. Along the way he may take a psychedelic to keep him clear on his spiritual path and his ferocious nature of putting out albums will have you chilling, amped, questioning and jumping on each go round. His new albums just dropped yesterday the 23rd Aug, go get it it’s called Inexhale all digital outlets and tangible pieces from high-focus.com.

If you ain’t heard him before, you’ll be intrigued by this interview and go check him after. In the meantime, enjoy and maybe check him and his squad out at @mrfliptrix and @highfocusrecords on Instagram.


Fliptrix / High Focus Fliptrix / High Focus Fliptrix / High Focus Fliptrix / High Focus Fliptrix / High Focus