Hana Sunny Whaler.

Last week I had Hana Sunny Whaler, a sign writer residing in South London. I met Hanah through a shared client in maybe 2016/17, we spent a couple days together working on a large wall painting directed by her then painted. It was a nice way to meet and we chatted freely, with Hana telling me about some of her plans and what she’d been up to so far. She was about to move to London and take on the Sign Writing world here, connections had been made and plans set.

Since then Hana has taken London by storm and has a great team by her side, really great to watch and also met other shared friends.

We have a lovey chat around her choices and route to get to be the dope paint slinger she is today. He life in her home town, through college and Uni, sofa surfing and hand to hand hustling her business. Real dope having her round, this is some of Hana’s London, via various places, culture and creativity story… check her @hanasunnywhaler on Instagram whilst you listen, Enjoy this is F24..

Instagram: @hanasunnywhaler

Hana Sunny Whaler Hana Sunny Whaler Hana Sunny Whaler Hana Sunny Whaler Hana Sunny Whaler