Jan Francis By Jack ATG.

We’re going to have a bit of a different one this week, I started working on this podcast idea about 2 years ago, I love podcasts and I love my culture, I know most of you know that and we have so many people with the best of stories so I got it together and recorded some, Jack Murray, Will Robson Scott, Any Gillman, Done London and Jamal Peace, they are the early ones in the series but it took me pretty much a year before I put them out. Anxiety, confidence and making my business and work more important than feeding my soul all came into play and I couldn’t justify spending all the time it’d take to do this. I stored the recordings.
Then Jan passed away in late December 2017. I’d known him since the 90’s, properly. It hit hard. The funeral was a few weeks later and I went with my friend and fellow NW6er Sam. It was great to see all these people come to pay respects to Jan. A tearful and yet joyous event full of stories, memories, laughs and tears. He touched a crazy amount of people, we walked his coffin down Kilburn High Rd. and locked it off there was so many of us. A beautiful but sad day.
Pretty soon after the funeral, I decided I was going to do these interviews and get this podcast going and I did. I had wanted Jan round to chat, I should have had him round in 2017, but life is what it is and at the time I wasn’t sure I was going to do the podcast at all.
Him going let me know I needed to do this, he did everything he put his mind too and so I was going to do the same. About 2 -3 weeks after the funeral I had around that time, heard the final Combat Jack podcast, one I’d been listening to for 7 odd years, Combat had passed from Cancer and Dallas Penn, A King, Premium Pete, Just Blaze, Ben Haeremeen, and a couple other of his colleagues and friends got together to talk about Combat, his accomplishments, his life and work, I thought that’d be great for Jan, bringing us to this week which is a special episode as we have a glimpse into Jan’s life through one of his best mates, his crew partner, his travelling companion, festival goer and party starter, Jack.
We recorded it early July and it was tough, especially on Jack but we told stories, had laughs and remembered our friend.
This is some of Jan’s London, Culture and Creativity story.