Jimi GANG Studio.

This weeks chat is with Jimi from GANG Studio. I’ve know Jimi for years, a lot of you have also. We met in the early 2000’s through our shared good friend and Brighton stalwart Jode. When I met him he was already thoroughly on his journey with creativity, I remember a time I was getting interviewed for a magazine, they were doing a piece on my shop, we’d just started working with Jimi and the interviewer suggested we were taking him under our wing, which may have been the perception but not the reality, my friend replied by saying, Jimi’s too big to fit under our wings, meaning he was already a creative force to be reckoned with, with an unrivalled skill set and vision. He had the spirit, the energy and the belief that he just could do, and do he would. He’s produced loads of great work which we’ll hear about but tell you what though, it was really interesting him explaining that belief in himself and its root and how that behaviour, attitude, the ‘I’ll have a go’ approach to things wasn’t all it cracked up to be. Not in an overly negative way, just the amount of pressure it puts you. We had an amazing chat, Jimi has achieved a whole lot since putting himself out there as an artist and creative and we talk about all of that and how he see’s himself and how his he is creative now after all these experiences. This is his story about London, culture and creativity. Enjoy!

Website: www.gang.studio
Instagram: @gang.studio

Jimi GANG Studio Jimi GANG Studio Jimi GANG Studio Jimi GANG Studio Jimi GANG Studio