So, this week.. actually, lets jump back a touch, I remember the first time I met Fuel, it was at my gallery in Brighton, one of those jaw dropping moments when you realise who’s in front of you.. As he was walking off, I nudged Vibes who was hanging out as usual and said a bit too loud, You V, that’s King Fuel.. I felt a little embarrassed as I think he heard, but I didn’t care, he’d graced my shop.
A couple months ago I had the pleasure of going South of the River to have a coffee with King Fuel, who for as long as I’ve been in the scene has had his name come along with folklore, rumour and legend.
We chatted over a few coffees for hours without noticing the time go by. We spoke about loads of stuff, the culture, London, parenthood, mind and soul, therapy music, smoking, adventures.. a whole bag of goodness, it was amazing, mind blowing and an absolute treat.. I had to ask him, come over to North Acton and jump on the podcast, he agreed. We left it a bit of time so that conversation wasn’t fresh in our minds and he came around on a Monday after lunch, I bunked work silenced my computers and phone, its King Fuel for fucksake.. and we chatted for another 3hours, it’s an amazing story, a deep journey hearing about Fuels life so far and his choices, experiences, memories and thoughts, and feelings about our culture, its meanings, reasons, everything, it was amazing.. and yes, I say amazing and wow about 50 times, sorry, but I mean it..
A massive privilege having King Fuel over, this isn’t his whole story, the timelines not perfect but it’s over 30yrs of being Fuel. What an honour.
This is King Fuel’s London, Culture and Creativity story.. enjoy, this is f24.