Kish Kash On the F24 Podcast.

Hello and welcome back to the F24 Podcast, my name is David and as often as possible I invite a creative around to my studio in North Acton to talk about their lives and interactions with London, culture and creativity.
Sorry about the wait for the first of 2019, I have been incredibly busy on a couple projects, one of which will have me in Dublin for a few weeks split over two trips so I have been lining up interviews with some Irish creatives to record whilst I’m there, looking forward to those.

So here we are… I missed this, its only been a few weeks but its dope getting time like this with people. This week we have UK Culture OG Kish Kash. I have only hung out with Kish on a couple of occasions but his name came before him and I’ve known about him, seen him in places and photos and have some of the same acquaintances to be one of those times where it feels like you been down for years.

Kish isn’t from London, he’s grew up just outside and it was one of those places that bred some serious people in the Hip Hop Scene in the UK in the early days and Kish fills us in on all that and the people he grew up with. He talks about funding his passion through work which eventually lead to his first job working in the culture. He knows a million people, has pulled off and been part of some amazing parts of UK Hip Hop History, represented, introduced, DJed, interviewd and linked up all the while looking so so so fresh.. His style is untouchable, he’s a gent and lucky for us has a great memory.. go check him on @kishkash1 on instagram whilst you listen.. Enjoy, this is Kish Kash’s London, Culture and Creativity story..

Instagram: @kishkash1

Kish Kash On the F24 Podcast Kish Kash On the F24 Podcast Kish Kash On the F24 Podcast Kish Kash On the F24 Podcast Kish Kash On the F24 Podcast