Marcus Barnes.

This week Marcus Barnes, an author, music journalist and graffiti artist. His graffiti name has been in my vision for about 15 years now, a prolific train painter from South London. We met a couple times over the years but never properly and having him come round here was dope. The last time we spoke was at Aset’s funeral and I talk about it towards the end of the podcast, that conversation made me really want to know more about him and I’ve so grateful he came round and shared his story with us.
Another dope insight to a creatives life and path so far. We get through loads from his really interesting upbringing full of inspirational people, finding graffiti and the moral grounds he had to explore in order to do it, his working life and experiences with Lad Mags to the Daily Mail and his massive passion for music. We also chat about the pointless and yet extensive court case brought upon him by Colin Saycell and BTP for his publication of his magazine Keep the Faith. He travelled the city, painted trains with some of the best and now writes beautifully about music for MixMag.
It’s a dope chat, I loved it.. I’ll tell you more about him at the end of the podcast, for now check him out @mgoldenbarnes on Instagram whist you listen.
Enjoy.. This is f24.

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Marcus Barnes Marcus Barnes Marcus Barnes Marcus Barnes Marcus Barnes