What a mad time though hey, worlds changed, places have changed, we’ve changed!

But what stays is culture, a constant, a forever, and I learnt a lot about that and its strengths, even though I preach it, from this conversation, so it was a great one to kick off what we’ll call season 2 of F24.

Mode2 was in town.

We’d be talking a little via message for a while and also had my friend Kash co-signed me which got me a big step closer to this conversation.

A dream come true, after the first, where he put me up at Carnival this year after I set him some paint.

I’d never properly met Mode, never had the chance to have a conversation.. He’s been a name in my life for nearly 30yrs and undoubtably yours too.. I haven’t heard many interviews with him so I didn’t know how this was going to go.. Some of you maybe used to a format I’ve developed in these interviews, this was nothing like I expected, its an amazing in-depth conversation full of analogies and historical fact about culture and cultures.

He lives a life full of intrigue and interest, a natural flow, an understanding of his surroundings as well as his foundations. An absolute pleasure and dream come true having this time with Mode, our mutual friend Kash was in the studio with us while we had this very interesting conversation, this is some of Mode2’s culture and creativity story… enjoy..

Instagram: @mode2official