Back again… and this week I had Mysdiggi and as some of you know him by Mystro, UK Hip Hop legend, he’s been in the game for years and surpassed the 10’000 hour rule years ago.. he’s a pro and I’ve been a fan
but never had the chance to really chat to Mys before. We’ve crossed paths, seen each other about and when I saw him at Teach’s show in December I hollered straight away and we worked it out. We have a bit of a different chat this week, for the hour or so there is a lot about current affairs, thoughts on issues, flat earth and community. Mys tells us his experience with Iowaska and we compare with therapy which I love and eventually we get his story and hid first interactions within the UK music scene, near death experiences, MCing to Jungle and Hip Hop, making music, touring the world and his time with Lowlife. We also chat about his music in length, the words he speaks and the messages he pushes through on his different releases and genres.

A real dope honest open chat, a lot of on the spot thinking and exploring.

Go check him at @mysdiggi on instagram whilst you listen..
This is F24..

Instagram: @mysdiggi 

Mysdiggi Mysdiggi Mysdiggi Mysdiggi Mysdiggi