Hello and welcome back to the F24 podcast… my name is David and as often as possible I have a creative come over to my studio in North Acton to talk about their lives and interactions with London, or wherever they are from.. culture and creativity.. Doing this.. well it’s amazing for one.. being so honest and talking openly really often is a dope feeling. a bit scary at time but goddam it makes you think. I know it’s strange for the interviewee also. when do we get 90mins + to talk about our journeys so far in everyday life. we’re working, living life, dealing with bills, trying to paint, spend time with loved ones. we ain’t got the time to talk like this. I love it. and well because I love it so much. I got myself a Zoom 5 recorder. plug in two lapel mics and I can record anywhere. I’m getting these stories people. so, I got on a train and went to my second favourite city in the UK and my ex home for 9 years. Brighton to check in on my Big Homie Nick and borrow his amazing gallery / studio / recording spot in Hove called Place to sit down with Brighton resident but Hull native with other places in-between. Graffiti Writer, Artist and Illustrator Pinky…

You remember them PINK blockbusters from the early nineties. the old school wildstyles, the colours and also being from the South of the country and especially the arrogant swagger of a Londoner {me} yet with absolute bewilderment and awe at the styles coming out from the North and when your 16 in zone 2 London, Kilburn and you hear of place called Hull and see pieces from crews like DRA.. you get to realise the depth of the culture you became part of.
This is that no borders stuff. our stuff transcends. I have been wanting to meet Pinky since then and I got the chance maybe 17 years later when one of clients in Brighton needed something and I thought you need Pinky.. It was dope to holla at the King and commission work from him, and since then we have been in contact and chatted on various occasions about various subjects. I knew this would be amazing.
Pinky brings us back to Hull in the 80’s and gives and tells us about his first sights on paintings in the streets and his first paintings. what Hull was like growing up and being a writer there and his thoughts on leaving his home town and moving south. We talk about how he supported himself though work and commissions, his experience putting on his first gallery show and how travelling abroad clicked and gave him the conviction of thought to call himself an artist. His work is great. psychedelic, bright, dope use of colour that gives off great vibes. got check him @thepinkyvisioin on Instagram whilst you listen..
Enjoy this is f24..

Instagram: @thepinkyvision

Pinky Pinky Pinky Pinky Pinky