Richard Wilson.

Hello and welcome back to the F24 Podcast, my name is David and each week I invite a creative over to my studio to talk about their interactions and experiences with London culture and creativity.

This week’s conversation is with Richard Wilson. You may have seen the worldwide press about Rich’s Will Smith painting that he did in West Philly, an amazing and extremely impressive full body 65ft painting of the Fresh Prince sitting on a chair on the side of a building that sits in a school playground. It is full of references, to the Jordan’s he’s wearing to the t-shirt and cap hanging off the back of the chair and then the chair itself and the leaves wrapped around it’s legs which is homage to his favourite artist and his paintings.

An incredible feat from the Londoner, we’ll hear about that whole project, its inception and the work he put into it to make it happen along with where Rich is from, one of the reasons I asked him over, a painting in Acton and what it said to me. The power of art and what led him to it and what it does for him and a great honest chat about the mental health aspect of life and the help that art brings.

We get in to loads more also, his experiences within the scene and his love for music. It was great having Rich over, amazing to meet him. You catch us in a side conversation which led onto chatting about Richs first influences in the culture, how he feels about it and what it was giving him in those early years, then we jump in properly to the podcast.

This is his London, Culture and Creativity story enjoy.

Richard Wilson Richard Wilson Richard Wilson Richard Wilson Richard Wilson