Seapa aka Mc Grindah.

Hello and welcome back to the f24 podcast. my name is David and as often as possible I have a creative come over to my studio in north Acton to have a conversation about their lives and interactions with London culture and creativity.


Well what a treat. this guy and his team have been a part of some of our last 5/6 years. some of you saw the birth of it, some of you are from the manor and know it and most of us know people like it. Seapa, or Mc Grinder from People Do Nothing came over this week and we had an amazing conversation about his journey so far.

I love what him and his mates have done, and it was a pleasure to have him come over and tell us about his first interactions with culture and its moulding of himself through it. Meeting like-minded people and the relief that brings after years of running about as a teenager and what all those experiences can do when you’re in the right place.


You know or may not know. I’m an artist. I do business and I’m an artist. and I’m not a sound guy. half way through the sound changes slightly. you have to forgive me. Seapa did. it was a bit embarrassing. rookie stuff you know.  still sounds good though.


Enjoy, this is Seapa’s London, culture and creativity story.

Instagram: @seapa220

Seapa aka Mc Grindah Seapa aka Mc Grindah Seapa aka Mc Grindah Seapa aka Mc Grindah Seapa aka Mc Grindah