The London Vagabond.

This week I have a guy I’ve known for years and watched his rise, K or as some of you may know him as Kemo SMT and his also for the last couple years, The London Vagabond.

He came round with his girlfriend Dana, a creative also and we had a great conversation about his introduction to the graffiti culture through his dad whilst he was in primary school and what life was like growing up in Ruislip at the end of the central line. We chat about education but he explains also how graffiti took over.
K has had many run ins with the law over the last 10 years and it started in a dramatic way and he tells us about that and how prison was. We chat about his years of graffiti court cases and more prison time but he also had a the massive positive impact that the culture had on his life and we talk about that what he learnt about himself and the run up to his photography and what that’s brought him already.

K’s been out for 8 months since his last stint in Prison, I think that’ll be his last so it was great being able to have this chat after such a crazy decade, now on his journey into his future.. this is K’s London, culture and creativity story. Enjoy.

The London Vagabond The London Vagabond The London Vagabond The London Vagabond The London Vagabond