Theo Keating / FakeBlood.

So this week, another one from my extended cultural family is London’s one and only, Theo Keating otherwise known as the infamous Fake Blood and UK Graffiti’s very own Snatch CWS/ PFB/TO… This guy, since ive been in the culture, this guy’s pieces have been it for me.. I might be looking and reminiscing at the past with glazed eyes but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad piece by this guy.. All fire, all the time..

My favourites must include the 93’ Unity Jam piece in Fulham, crazy cool and fresh and would stand up today easily, 25 yrs on and you hear us chat about that painting and more but apart from just getting my graffiti drenched brain more fodder another reason I got Theo round was to hear about how he got into music and what lead him to make a career out of it and one with so much adventure too!

We talk loads about music and all types from Nicky Blackmarket and his influence in Jungle music to Acid House and making his own music also Really great him coming over and getting to hear about his journey. The music in the background, each piece you’ll hear are by Theo which he has happily graced us with!

Theo Keating / FakeBlood Theo Keating / FakeBlood Theo Keating / FakeBlood Theo Keating / FakeBlood Theo Keating / FakeBlood