This week, the Traphouse Tattooer.. You’ve seen his name around the city.. the first Traphouse painting I saw was on Berwick St over the old Paperchase.. dope letters floating down a Soho street.  

Then I started to see it everywhere, then all over Instagram.. then friends talking, meeting, getting tattooed.. the wave had gained momentum.. 3yrs on I thought, that’d be an interesting chat.. I got to him; he’s about getting shit done so two days later he was at the studio. He came along with a good friend and we got into it. He’s lived an interesting life so far with stories to back it up. Graffiti and crime were a major thing for him, and creativity came through it all, I love that ish.. 

dudes lived a life… it’s a great insight into a trapper and creatives mind.

Go check him @traphousetattooer on Instagram whilst you listen..

Instagram: @traphousetattooer
Traphouse Traphouse Traphouse Traphouse Traphouse